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Web Archiving: Intelligence In Information Governance

If you work in information governance, the speed with which change happens on the Web is, no doubt, a huge concern. An important component to that is defensible deletion, which could mean the difference between favorable and unfavorable court rulings.

As regulations on eDiscovery of web and social media content evolve, so do the requirements for data preservation and storage. In Philip Favro’s article, “Defensible Deletion: The Cornerstone of Intelligent Information Governance“, he discusses organizational failures in data stockpile management. Favro calls out how companies increasingly struggle to keep the costs of electronically stored information (ESI) low and litigious risk at bay. His suggested solution includes web archiving.

In alignment with Favro’s article, this blog post from Hanzo highlights the need for corporations to re-visit their auto-delete protocols, and consider new means of storing web content and related data in native format, as well as placing litigation holds on digital content.

What does this mean for your business? Web and social media archiving support comprehensive information governance. When capture and preservation is conducted using native format archiving technology, many information governance processes become easier to manage. The native format web and social media archiving technology Hanzo uses makes your data searchable, immune to browser and software obsolescence, and creates authentic audit trails.

Intrigued and want to learn more about information governance and compliance for websites and social media?

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