Defensible Content Collection

For eDiscovery Solutions

In today’s digital world, corporations and law firms find themselves faced with an ever-increasing number of web capture requests. Having a defensible content collection is now essential to protect your business.

Hanzo’s defensible eDiscovery technology is ISO 28500-compliant.

Native format is critical to e-discovery of web content.

That’s why top law firms and litigation support professionals trust Hanzo’s defensible eDiscovery solutions. Our suite of products provide you with an authentic, native-format content collection along with easy integration with leading review platforms like Relativity.

Achieving A Defensible Content Collection for information Governance And Compliance Risk

Web Asset Preservation: Achieving A Defensible Content Collection
For Information Governance And Compliance Risk

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I’m always looking for innovative, best-of-breed technologies to help us win cases. For years, Hanzo has fulfilled that need for social media and web collections. Their service ethos is also unmatched. I highly recommend them.

Paul Weiner, National eDiscovery Counsel,
Littler Mendelson, P.C.

Littler - Employment and Labor Law Solutions Worldwide.

Defensible Content Collection and the trail of authenticity.

Defensible Content Collection and the trail of authenticity.

Capturing and preserving the right data is only the first step. To be truly defensible, the web content you preserve must be authentic and unaltered.

Build your case with confidence upon Hanzo’s secure data capture environment, which provides the highest degree of authenticity for collected web content, so there’s no question of accuracy when you present the data in court.

eDISCOVERY PRODUCT SOLUTIONS tailored to your needs.

Each product platform is designed to address the specific needs of your business’s web content preservation needs, whether you need recurring or single-instance data captures.

DEFENSIBLE eDISCOVERY TECHNOLOGY features contextual data capture.

Hanzo’s contextual data capture technology automatically preserves web content in its native format as a rich, authentic experience, with all of the dynamic media behaving like a website in real time. It’s also easy to integrate and review this web content in your portal of choice.

We collect every kind of website, include those requiring users to log in, Ajax interactive sites, and those with rich media and form posts.
Social Media
Social Media
Our native-format capture means we collect posts, comments, likes, attachments, photos and videos from all platforms in their original format and context.

Our modern crawler software has innovative link extraction and path-finding algorithms, even when links are encoded in scripts.

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