Forward-thinking enterprises seek to preserve and protect their web and social media investments for the next generation by archiving websites and social media for corporate cultural heritage purposes.

Digital archivists believe that corporate heritage relating to the web is at particular risk. Many aspects of an organization’s online brand presence—the company’s digital heritage—may have already been lost. Unless companies take the initiative to do something about it, the loss will continue. There’s even a name for it: bit rot.

Avoiding bit rot requires a proactive approach to preservation. Following the example of physical goods and old media preservation, preserving your digital corporate and brand heritage is an effort requiring skills and technology.

Hanzo provides the skills and technology to capture your websites and social media presence and preserve them for future generations.

To learn more about native format web archiving, the optimal approach to preservation of your online corporate heritage, and why customers like The Coca-Cola Company have selected Hanzo to save their online brand:

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