Enterprise Data Capture Solutions

For Comprehensive Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is what drives enterprise strategies and solutions in today’s online world, by collecting and analyzing information about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in a legal and ethical manner.

Competitive intelligence goes way beyond what’s accessible online.

What you don’t know can hurt your business, and the web is the largest source of unstructured information.

Competitive intelligence comes in many forms, from market research to investigations in fraud and IP. That’s why Hanzo provides enterprise data capture solutions founded on innovative crawling technology.

As our technology and QA team work in tandem, we collect comprehensive, native-format interactive content you can’t get any other way.

Achieving A Defensible Content Collection for information Governance And Compliance Risk

Web Asset Preservation: Achieving A Defensible Content Collection
For Information Governance And Compliance Risk

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COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE at web speed innovation.

Web-based applications are continually expanding and evolving, which makes keeping records of those exchanges challenging. Hanzo is always ahead of the curve and understands exactly how to crawl and capture all of your business-critical information.

You never have to worry that vital business interactions and competitive intelligence efforts are falling through the cracks. Hanzo’s engineers are continually adapting our technology to capture web content in these new and changing applications.

Compliance Archiving at web speed innovation.

ENTERPRISE PRODUCT SOLUTIONS tailored to your needs.

Each product platform is designed to address the specific needs of your business, whether you need recurring or single-instance data captures.

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION featuring contextual data capture.

Hanzo’s contextual data capture technology automatically preserves web content in its native format, as a rich, authentic experience, with all of the dynamic media behaving like a website in real time. It’s also easy to integrate and review captured data in your portal of choice.

We collect every kind of website, include those requiring users to log in, Ajax interactive sites, and those with rich media and form posts.

Social Media
Social Media
Our supporting native-format capture means we collect posts, comments, likes, attachments, photos and videos from all platforms.

Our modern crawler software is second to none with link extraction and path-finding algorithms, even when links are encoded in scripts.


Do you really know all the details of your competitors’ web presence?

Hanzo provides a reports and analytics survey to help you gain greater insight and make smarter, informed business decisions about your own web content — both what is there and what should be.

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