Hanzo’s ISO 28500 compliant web archiving products provide defensible, native-format eDiscovery solutions for websites and social media.

In eDiscovery, courts expect website and social media content to be treated like any other electronically stored information (ESI), and preferably presented in native format.

As companies receive more of these requests, web archiving is now essential to the protection and preservation of your business. Regulatory agency rulings, legal proceedings, and compliance mandates are setting the baseline for future discovery requests and, more generally, the governance of consumer-facing website and social media content. This is the landscape of eDiscovery for the web.

Hanzo’s eDiscovery solutions for websites and social media are comprehensive. All kinds of websites, including those requiring users to log in, Ajax interactive sites, and those with rich media and form posts, can be collected. For social media, supporting native-format capture means we can collect posts, comments, likes, attachments, photos, and videos from many platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube, Vimeo, and others. Unlike many other solutions, our social media captures include all native content and links.

Our search engine is optimised for web archive content, where multiple instances of pages, posts and tweets may be found at the same URL.

Grouping page instances in archival search

Our support for the ISO 28500 standard enables easy integration with other eDiscovery platforms. Our archived content can be exported in a range of formats, including XML (for EDRM, for example) and load files for Concordance, Relativity, Symantec, Recommind, and others.

Pain Point

Auditors and courts now view web content and social media posts in the same context as other electronically stored information (ESI), such as emails, file documents, contracts and instant messages. The challenge here is that websites, online content, and social media are technically very different, making their capture and preservation much more complicated. The solution? Native-format web archiving.

Our web and social media archiving products collect website and social media content in its native format and preserve it in a forensically sound archive that makes all content available on demand. Optimized to handle web content in its native form, our solutions are the most comprehensive in the industry and are compliant with regulatory and litigation requirements.

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