On-Demand Web Content Collection

For Defensible eDiscovery Solutions

The web is vast and ever-changing — an environment that’s creating sizeable liability issues for businesses.

Courts now see web content and social media posts as being just as relevant as other electronically stored information, like emails and file documents.

On-demand web content collection has become a necessity in preparing for legal proceedings, with defensible data that holds up in court.

Achieving A Defensible Content Collection for information Governance And Compliance Risk

Web Asset Preservation: Achieving A Defensible Content Collection
For Information Governance And Compliance Risk

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On-Demand Web Content Collection product features and benefits

  • Easy Integration

    Our products work with other eDiscovery and compliance systems.

  • Built-In Load Files

    Simple export of load files works with eDiscovery review platforms like Relativity.

  • Contextual Data Capture

    Native-format capture of dynamic web content behaves like a real-time website.

  • Informative Analytics

    Web content metrics ensure you mitigate risk and make informed decisions.

  • Enhanced Quality Assurance

    Our QA team reviews sites to ensure accuracy of each digital point in time.

  • Trail Of Authenticity

    Hanzo’s methodology ensures the defensibility of your collection.

ON-DEMAND DATA PRESERVATION for maximum legal defensibility

On-Demand Data Preservation

Hanzo’s on-demand web content collection service is optimized for the global legal industry, where the collection and preservation of online assets to support litigation is vital.

That’s why many Am Law 100 firms have already used our on-demand service.

Our eDiscovery solutions for data preservation are comprehensive and designed to address the demands of the legal process. As a native-format, media-rich web content collection, our on-demand service provides a superior deliverable.

Additional Professional Services

Each member of Hanzo’s team has over a decade of experience in eDiscovery, compliance and web content preservation.

Unlike any other web content collection vendor, Hanzo offers services for implementation as well as ongoing technical support. We also provide expert witness testimony and affidavit support services on an ad-hoc or full-project basis.

Additional Professional Services

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