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Data preservation is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. That’s why Hanzo offers a full suite of the most comprehensive web content collection products. Each product is designed to meet your specific needs for capturing, preserving and protecting web content.

Whether you need recurring or single-instance captures, on-premise or in the cloud, Hanzo has the data capture solution you’re looking for.

Hanzo’s Web Content Collection Products

SaaS Subscription
SaaS Subscription
Collect your desired web content on a predetermined, scalable schedule using Hanzo’s secure, cloud-based service.

Web content that’s captured behind your corporate firewall for total internal control of your most sensitive data.

Our eDiscovery solution for data preservation that’s designed to provide the highest levels of defensibility and authenticity.

Achieving A Defensible Content Collection for information Governance And Compliance Risk

Web Asset Preservation: Achieving A Defensible Content Collection
For Information Governance And Compliance Risk

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Additional Professional Services

Unlike any other web content collection vendor, Hanzo offers services for implementation as well as ongoing technical support. We also provide expert witness and affidavit support services on an ad-hoc or full-project basis.

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