See web archiving case studies from Hanzo customers in the financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical, insurance, government, and food and beverages industries.

We illustrate how and why our customers use Hanzo web archiving solutions for regulatory compliance, website and social media eDiscovery and litigation support, and online brand heritage preservation and corporate memory.

 The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most valuable and recognizable brands in the world. For more than 100 years, its iconic campaigns have created an emotional connection to the brand using physical assets. As the brand has evolved an online presence, so must the archive.

“The Coca-Cola Company have used Hanzo Archives to capture and preserve corporate and brand websites and social media sites for the past two years. Hanzo has been a great partner in this endeavor, and together we have worked to create a groundbreaking historical package. The Coca-Cola Company has been very happy with the archiving services provided by Hanzo Archives.”
– Ted Ryan of The Coca-Cola Company.

Learn why The Coca-Cola Company selected Hanzo’s web archiving technology to capture and preserve their websites and social media on a global scale.

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Innovative Healthcare Insurance Leader

One of the most innovative leaders in health care selected Hanzo to archive its website to capture not just the content of its site, but also the user experience.

“The health insurance industry is now, more than ever, closely scrutinized by state and federal agencies and highly regulated. Archiving our web presence in this competitive market is crucial. Hanzo Archives has made us ready to respond to all requests for documentation of our marketing and legal web based content. Having our archived content preserved in its native format so that it looks and functions in perfect replication of our web site is a great representation of our company and our message.”
– Health Insurance Company Marketing Web Content Manager.

Learn why this healthcare insurance industry leader selected Hanzo’s web archiving technology to capture and preserve their websites, partner sites, and online consumer purchase processes.

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More case studies coming soon:

  • Global Investment Solutions Provider. This global investment solutions provider selected Hanzo to archive its SharePoint-based websites and broker/dealer applications to ensure FINRA and SEC 17a-4 compliance.
  • Large Asset Management Firm. This asset management firm selected Hanzo to archive its SharePoint-based broker/dealer website and application to ensure FINRA and SEC 17a-4 compliance.
  • Large Investment Management Group. Hanzo archives websites for one of the world’s largest investment management groups to meet its FINRA compliance obligations.
  • Global Leader in Vascular Care. Hanzo archives websites for a global leader in vascular care to ensure litigation readiness and to meet its compliance and corporate governance obligations.