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Junior Software Engineer: Crawl Operations

Hanzo is hiring 4 Junior Crawl Engineers in Boston, MA, USA !

Hanzo has implemented the entire technology stack required to capture and archive the modern web with a sophisticated crawler at its core. This job is at the heart of crawler operations: to configure and manage crawls, process archived data, and interact with customers.

We are looking for a bright, enthusiastic, self-motivated Junior Crawl Engineer, who may be relatively new to the job market. The candidate should show a willingness to learn, be a problem-solver, be challenge oriented and enthusiastic and primarily help with the archiving operations, technical side of crawler, crawler operations and development of products. Experience in Python and Javascript, plus knowledge of the workings of the web is required for this role. Good Unix or Linux skills, including scripting with command line tools like Find, Grep and Awk, are desirable.

Salary: $35-45k p/a plus benefits

Location: Home or office based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

To find out more or apply for this job, please email a covering letter and your CV to

Agencies, please note: applications forwarded through agents will not be accepted unless you have a prior arrangement with us. We will not make such an arrangement if you contact us!

Job Description

Job Summary

Reporting to Senior Crawl Engineer, the Junior Crawl Engineer will primarily help with the technical side of the archiving operations for customers and ensure the continued delivery of innovative and high-quality services. This will include writing software products and tools to help with these tasks.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work on crawler operations, diagnosing crawler challenges and working to resolve them
  • Working within our process including updating our issue tracking system
  • Translating the feedback from operations into software development to enhance our technology-base
  • Maintaining and enhancing existing software (both internal products and our open source projects)
  • Communicating systematically and at the right time
  • Working proactively, enthusiastically seeking problems in the software and systems and finding solutions
  • Holding responsibility for completion of ongoing time-critical day-to-day tasks.
  • Solve problems independently and as a team

Skills and Abilities Required for the Role

  • Ability to diagnose technical problems effectively
  • Ability to work in a startup environment and work on any, sometimes disparate, tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner
  • Ability to document software rigorously
  • Ability to work with and without supervision
  • Ability to be a team player
  • Ability to communicate and ask for advice when needed
  • Ability to actively seek problems and find solutions
  • Ability to work remotely and with geographically dispersed teams

Person Specification

Below are essential demonstrable personal attributes for all candidates.

  • 1 year of experience or equivalent in a software dev/ops production environment
  • Experience in Python and Javascript or other programming/scripting languages
  • Willing to firefight
  • Demonstrated ability to write quality code
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and work with other people’s code
  • Demonstrated ability to solve technical problems
  • Understanding of Regular Expressions
  • Experience of Unix or Linux including knowledge of tools like grep, find and awk
  • In depth understanding of HTTP and web technologies
  • Professional written communications skills
  • Ability to be responsible and self-motivated
  • Eagerness to learn and solve problems

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