Standards-based website and social media archiving solutions for compliance and eDiscovery

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WEB CONTENT PRESERVATION: Achieving A Defensible Content Collection for information Governance And Compliance Risk
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Junior Software Engineer: Crawl Operations

Hanzo is hiring 4 Junior Crawl Engineers in Boston, MA, USA ! Hanzo has implemented the entire technology stack required to capture and archive the modern web with a sophisticated crawler at its core. This job is at the heart of crawler operations: to configure and manage crawls, process archived data, and interact with customers. We are … Read More

Case Studies

The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most valuable and recognizable brands in the world. For more than 100 years, its iconic campaigns have created an emotional connection to the brand using physical assets, and now its websites and social media accounts.

Learn why the Coca-Cola Company selected Hanzo’s web archiving technology to capture and preserve its websites, social media content, and records of online events on a global scale.

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Healthcare Customer

This innovative healthcare leader is a provider of flexible healthcare services to over 75 million people worldwide. Spread across six businesses, the company operates in a highly complex, multi-state regulatory environment.

Learn why the company selected Hanzo to archive its website content, including the collection of multistage insurance forms compliant with multiple state laws, to provide a complete, audit-ready archive of users’ experience.

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Defensible native-format and forensically sound eDiscovery solutions for websites and social media that integrate with leading eDiscovery solutions.

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Website and social media archiving for compliance, technology independence, planned retention, and on-demand access.

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Corporate Heritage

Preservation of modern websites and social media for corporate cultural heritage. Preserve and leverage your web and social media investments.

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