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Your company’s web content is constantly evolving. If this data isn’t preserved and managed accurately, it might as well not exist. For authentic files in their native format, you need consistent and complete preservation of all your web content – across any online channel or network.

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Innovation At Web Speed
Innovation At Web Speed
Keeping authentic records of your company’s web-based interactions is a huge challenge. Hanzo’s focus on constant innovation means you capture every piece of your web-based data.
Commitment To Content Quality
Commitment To Content Quality
While Hanzo’s engineers adapt our software to capture your ESI in native format with code customization, our QA team reviews old sites to ensure accuracy and completeness of each digital point in time.
United States Senate
Ameriprise Financial
Lord Abbett
Capital Group
United Health Care

With Hanzo, I don’t have to worry about defensible collections of any kind of web content. When my clients need to preserve web content for litigation or compliance reasons, Hanzo is the “how to get it done right” of web and social media collection.

- Kelly Twigger, Esq. esi attorneys

Kelly Twigger, Esq.

Achieving A Defensible Content Collection for information Governance And Compliance Risk

Achieving A Defensible Content Collection For
Information Governance And Compliance Risk

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